Ail Symudiad had some really good news at the end of 1981 - they had won Rock Band of the Year, as voted by readers of the pop magazine 'Sgrech'. This was a great boost to the band, and it showed that all the gigs and recording work had been worth all the effort! The night was to be in the Corwen Pavilion on January 23, 1982 so the start of the year was going to be an exciting one in Tenby Road, Cardigan. When the night arrived the nerves arrived as well! There were over 1500 followers of the Welsh pop scene at the awards night which included Best Female Artist, Best Male Artist, Best New Band etc. Some fans had made Ail Symudiad banners, and what made a nervous night slightly more so was the fact that Virgin Records Mobile Unit were recording the bands and artists (an LP was released later) but it was a highly enjoyable evening for everyone. Ail Symudiad sang four songs which included Hyfryd Bingo (Wonderful Bingo), Garej Paradwys and Geiriau and they invited Dygs (a member of Y Ficar) to dance on stage with them. Y Ficar won Most Promising Band of the Year and they recorded at the time with Fflach. After winning the award the workload increased, including of course the gigs, at Stiwdio'r Bwthyn A.S. went on to record a single called Edrych Trwy y Camerau (Looking Through the Cameras) with Hubert of Rocyn PA joining on backing vocals and popular band Angylion Stanli being invited to contribute a track called Emyn Rock a Rôl (The Hymn of Rock and Roll). A number of bands recorded on the Fflach label at this time - Eryr Wen, Y Ficar, Malcolm Neon, Rocyn, Diawled, Derec Brown a'r Racaracwyr and a little later Maffia Mr. Huws.

Spring had sprung when more songs were written and a summer single was now on the cards. The boys had to fit things in as usual between working and the gig schedule, which was as busy as ever. Richard Morris and the band produced the two songs, again recorded at Stiwdio'r Bwthyn called Lleisiau o'r Gorffennol (Voices from the Past) and Dilyn y Sebon (Following the Soaps). The Sêr pop programme made a video of the song where there was much silliness and frivolity! It was around June/July of 1982 that Robin Davies left the band, Robin who was at University in Swansea found it more difficult to come home to Cardigan to practice. When the National Eisteddfod arrived in August it brought two of the biggest gigs in the band's career. The first was in Swansea Leisure Centre where Ail Symudiad in conjunction with Cymdeithas Adloniant Cymru (Welsh Entertainments Society) produced an Ail Symudiad scarf as part of the admission price. A.S. found out later through a brochure (which is on the Memorabilia page of this website) that scarves for The Clash had been produced at the same company! The second was the biggest of their career with nearly 2,000 present at the Top Rank which was then on the Kingsway, this was also organised by CAC and the band had a great reception, with new songs going down well.

"When Ail Symudiad are in town...There is no hanging around!" After the Eisteddfod they were off, complete with sandwiches and lashings of ginger beer on a new summer tour - organised by CAC called Symud Trwy'r Haf (Moving Through the Summer) and the venues they played were in Anglesey; Glanllyn, Bala; Blaendyffryn, Llandysul and Rhydaman with different bands performing with them each night, namely Rocyn, Diawled, Eryr Wen and Y Ficar. This was a successful tour but barely a week after this Ail Symudiad were booked into the Sain Studios in Llandwrog, Caernarfon to record a Fflach/Sain LP called Sefyll ar y Sgwâr (Standing on the Square), benefiting again from the production and guitar playing of Richard Morris with Eryl of Sain engineering, it was very hard work but they did manage to fit in the occasional takeaway from nearby Caernarfon! Among the twelve songs recorded was a nine minute song called Cymry am Ddiwrnod (Welsh for a Day) - it was stretched out because of the shortness of the other songs!

**At one venue in North Wales A.S. finished their set of around 16-18 songs in 45 minutes and the manager asked them to come on again, so they sang half the set as an encore!

Sefyll ar y Sgwâr came out in September/October and A.S. played many gigs to promote the record, ending the year knee-high in snow at the Blaendyffryn Hall in Llandysul, West Wales, in front of a crowd of 750, one of their best gigs at the former country mansion and the beat goes on..........

Lleisiau o'r Gorffennol

Edrych trwy y Camerau

Sefyll ar y Sgwar

Winners of Premier Welsh Rock Band 1981

Summer tour 1982 called 'Symud Trwy'r Haf': 'Moving Through the Summer'

A gig for Cymdeithas Clwb Cymraeg Caerdydd at the Great Western

Tanybont Club, Caernarfon

Sosban Rock - a one day festival

Recording their Fflach/Sain album at Sain Studios in Llandwrog called 'Sefyll ar y Sgwâr'

Wyn at work and play!

Carlo the dog watching soaps

Ail Symudiad playing 'guitar snooker' at the Tabernacl Vestry, their practise room

Mixing 'Sefyll ar y Sgwâr'

Nigel the budgie recording with AS

Eryl, the Sefyll ar y Sgwâr engineer

Breakfast at Sain Studio!

The rock tent at the Swanse Eisteddfod called 'Jacs yn Joio' where the band played at a daytime gig